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Global Phenomenon Empowerment Foundation

A Christ-Centered foundation with the heart and love to see everyone thrive.

Who we Are

Global Phenomenon Empowerment Foundation

Global Phenomenon Empowerment Foundation’s Mission is to inspire and empower every youth to make an impact in their community and change the world. To bring awareness to essential information and build bridges for the youths and women of different backgrounds. We are committed to developing the mindset and leadership capacity of youths. Since 2008, Global PEF has been working at the grassroots level to provide programs that encourage students to stay in school, prepare them to succeed in the educational arena, develop their leadership skills, acquire trade skills, and serve their community. A Christ-Centered foundation with the heart and love to see everyone thrive.


Every person has the prospect to achieve their fullest potential and participate in all aspects of life.


To inspire and empower every person to make an impact in the community and change the world

OUR Core Value


This is the heart of our organization and the standard we inspire to achieve in the lives of everyone


Respect to leaders and everyone know we are a person of honor.


To put others before self, foster love and unity


Positive mindset to achieve best in everything and to keep on learning

Brief History

Our founder and CEO, Oluwatoyin (Toyin) Adebesin, lost her beloved mother when she was a high school teenager in Lagos, Nigeria. Her mother’s death and the lack of needed support during the emotional trauma ignited the fire to support the youth and women in need. She discovered that there is more to education than just the subjects that are taught in schools. As a young girl, she knew there should be a better way to help and support children.

Toyin volunteered her time during her college days to various youth organizations and advocated for youth emotional wellbeing. She also volunteered for the women and children abuse center in DFW area. She kept in touch with her roots, and the voice to do something about the less privileged never left her. She founded Ennyat Foundation in 2008 to empower the less privileged youth by providing essential information that will help them to thrive and be a good leader.

Global Phenomenon Empowerment Foundation was established in Nigeria in 2019, and the organization continues to impact the lives of youth and women all over the world

Our Partners

Global Phenomenon Empowerment Foundation


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Our team

Our team of dedicated professionals

Toyin Adebesin

Founder and CEO

Toyin Adebesin founded Ennyat Foundation, DBA Global Phenomenon Empowerment Foundation in 2008, and serves as the CEO. She oversees our fundraising, operation, and programs. An entrepreneur with a passion for youth and women—a professional IT guru with work experience that expands across various IT industries, including the military. She has management and leadership training skills that have helped her reach and educate executives and business owners. She is a prayer enthusiast with a desire to impact the next generation for Christ.

She is an advocate for youth and families to promote awareness, training, technical assistance, and information on several life issues. She also believes every child can perform excellently when the opportunity is made available

Bolaji Atala

Director of Operations

Bolaji Atala worked and managed a ministry and was focused on women development. She is an innovator and the founder of Agbeke International Bridal and formal wears. She has planned various multi-million naira events. Her selfless act of kindness to give back to the community is exceptional.

Bolaji manages all the programs and vendors for various businesses. She oversees volunteer programs and account overviews. With a compassionate understanding of the needs of women, Bolaji implements programs that meet the needs of all participants.

Olubukola Akingbesote

Program Manager

Olubukola (Bukky) Akingbesote worked as an event planner for years while providing excellent services to all her clients. She was a program manager for a lager business center with various business areas including marketing, photo studio, public computer offices and beauty salon. She was also a trainer for the company which gave the opportunity of meeting individual needs.

Bukky is the point of contact to all our partners and her experience in business management has been beneficial. Her passion to give back to the community and the love for children has helped in the volunteer relations improvement.