A Helping Hand

A Helping hand

A story of a neglected community

It was a business day in the city of Lagos, hustle and bustle of the metropolitan life kicks in. Lagos a city on the move.

Let’s slow down, so we can capture the beauty of this diverse city where winder never ends. On the 15th September 2021, Global PEF visited makoko waterside community in yaba, Lagos to give a helping hands to the children of that community going to school with bags, water bottles, food flack and edibles.

The gift was to help make “back to school” as convenient as possible, and I can say that it was impactful. But was that enough NO! Why you may wonder let me tell you a little bit about Makoko waterfront.

That waterfront is not just a name but actually an environment, makoko community is a settlement on water I mean the people in that community live on water. The water of this community is blackish, if you don’t have a strong stomach you will throw up.

There is a desire for education in that community, a class in the school accommodate more than 68 kids, which should be suitable for 20 kids. We need to do  more for this kids.

We believe that makoko waterfront needs more attention to help give the kids better quality education, their teachers need better tools and aids to teach this kids, more can be done and more should be. We can be that difference.

Let's donate to give makoko waterfront a quality school.

Let's get started Here

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