Merry Christmas

Christmas is not just for little girls and boys, Christmas is more than all those toys.
Christmas is a time to reflect on the season, and remember that Jesus is the one true reason.

Jesus said I have to give you life and in abundance. So as you celebrate this season of joy, peace and love. We will Like to wish you new beginnings in this Christmas, may you remain blessed. And may your days be filled with peace and happiness.

For our volunteers;

As a family, we have so many memories of helping. This year our prayer is as you put smiles on gifted children, your gifts we make way for you and as you made makoko waterfront children happy, you path will be filled with happiness this season

For our sponsor

It’s said givers never lack, your giving has opened doors of help and support for our target children, we pray that your deepest desires are met this season

Merry chirstmas and Happy New year from Global PEF

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